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dave, he goes out to the mailbox and he says, i get a check froman eclectic mix -- anr hám9 $(lc@&c+ goodbye. . [captioning made possible by fox news channel institute glenn: tonight, we are focusing on revoluntionaries, because we're building a civilian army. those are bra rack obama's words: i think we're building a theocracy at best. grab a pen and note pad and please write these facts down, and remember, you question with boldness! come on, follow me.
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hello, america. we have some more questions for you tonight. i believe, just so you know going in that this is probably the most controversial show of the week, because you must understand the last three episodes of this show to be able to see and come to a place where you can believe that these crazy things may actually be happening. i want you to know, i hope these things are not happening. i hope that there is some other explanation, but i needed you to see who is advising the president earlier this week and what they are doing and who they are before i could ask you to look at this phrase from barack obama and think that the president of the united states literally
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means this. >> we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. we've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded. glenn: i mean, i don't know how anybody is going to respond to the facts that i'm going to present tonight, because quite honestly, they haven't responded to any of the questions that we have posed on this show, or that we have even sent to them at the white house, nor has anyone challenged any of the facts that we have presented in this show over the last couple of days, other than the white house has been very clear with us, don't call these people czars! ok. ok. we got that one, but i can't make this piece of the puzzle fit. unless this piece is about building some kind of
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thug-ocracy. >> all week, we have been asking tough questions. tonight, i would just love to hear the answers for these questions, an here are some. mr. president, why do we need a civilian national security force that is just as strong, just as powerful as the military? here is why i ask that question -- who are we fighting exactly? who internally is threatening our security? it's clearly -- i tried to piece it together. i have tried to come up with an answer. please, america, if i'm missing it, please let me know. it's clearly not because we feel there is a threat from illegal aliens crossing the border. nobody in the government, this administration are ott last, has a problem with what's going on on the border. anyone who would say that there is a problem has been deemed a racist. a civilian national security
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force on the border is called the minutemen. the attitude from this administration, as well as the bush administration, was that they were vigilantes, so, it's not for the border. it can't be a national civilian security force against islamic ex extreatmentists. i say this honestly, because according to the administration, we're not even at war against islamic extremists anymore. is this administration expecting us to believe that they're going to ask the american people to profile and call in tips on muslim-americans who act suspiciously? that doesn't make sense whatsoever, so who are the enemies that we need to have a civilian national security force to protect us from? who are the enemies? is it possible that we're seeing the beginnings of another enemy, one that we haven't discussed? mr. president, is your
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national -- your civilian national security force to protect us from things that the missouri state police, your own department of homeland security, and then you later retracted, and the liberal southern law poverty center have come out over and over and over again and said were a threat? you know, militia groups? tea partygoers, people with don't tread on my flags. me. i've been listed. sarah palin. oh, she's scary. is that who it is? think about this. is it unreasonable today, with what you know and with what you have learned from the last three nights to think that this government would ask you to spy on your neighbors, in light of just these recent stories., e-mail asking for tips on fishy behavior. they're adding cookies to your
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computer now and they will track whenever you have visited a government site. by the way, that used to be illegal, but they changed it in the middle of the night on a friday when nobody was watching. now, the government is using outside companies to track and contact you. are they gathering information on you? i don't know. i don't know why they didn't trust all of the dealers in the country with cash for clunkers. they didn't trust those guys. remember? they had a warning on there that if you click on it, that computer now is considered government property and they could do whatever they wanted with the information. well, i have to tell you, all of this stuff, all of it sounds like a sci-fi movie. if i would have told you this was a movie -- if i pitched this as a movie script two years ago, you would say nobody would believe this. well, i don't know what else to believe. i have to ask the reasonable question in these unreasonable
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times. if not, these crazy things -- well, who will the civilian national security force protect us from? you know, maybe a better question is to ask this -- mr. president, do you know of a coming event? could you fill us in? we will help protect the nation. if you know, tell us. then again, maybe we should ask joe biden, because before the election, he said this. >> mark my words. it will not be six months before the world tests barack obama like it did john kennedy. the world is about to elect a 47-year-old president of the united states of america. are remember, i said standing here, if you don't remember anything else i say, watch, we're going to have an interings national crisis with this guy.
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glenn: it doesn't make sense, but is the civilian national security force just preparing for what joe biden predicted? if so, make the case, mr. president, because it doesn't make sense. does it to you, america? please, i want to be wrong on this. i don't want to believe these things. this is bad stuff, but give me another reason. who builds an army against an unidentified, unrecognized mysterious threat that doesn't exist? because we can't answer that question, and no one in the white house or anywhere else will answer this question, or any of the other questions that we have proposed this week, then it's up to us to look for clues. maybe we start with the company whose c.e.o. is a close financial advisor to the president of the united states. here's a guy who helped write the healthcare bill and the
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cap and trade bill, and who has billions of dollars at stake with every move this government does. this c.e.o. that we should ask, jeffrey immelt, has also been appointed by the president of the united states now to the board of directors to the new york federal reserve. wow! i mean, i can't imagine that he isn't in on the loop on what could possibly be coming our way. maybe we should look for what they might be saying will be a threat. i mean, to justify the need for a civilian national security force, it would seem to me that the network -- and this is from their store -- the network that sells this, an obama action figure, of course, the obama cop at the nbc store. i don't know if they know this, but obama is not an nbc star.
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or is he? and here is my favorite, because how true it is from nbc -- yes, we did. ok, obviously they're extraordinarily close to the president in 7 different ways. is it possible to watch their network and their news, nbc news, and see if they have any inside information leaving any bread crumbs, any tips on what that threat may be? his network seems to be the leading network in predicting an awful lot of trouble, but they are not alone. >> these people are vike co, that's what they are. sometimes i think they want obama to get shot. i do. i really think that there are conservative broadcasters in this country who would love to see obama taken out. >> i was just old enough as a kid to remember the walkup in 1962 -- '63, to the horrible
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events in dallas. even as a kid growing up in washington, d.c., it was palpable to me all the hate talk about kennedy. there was a lot of threats, a lot of stuff going on that, in tune, resembles this. >> this is just a diversion by the people who want to, frankly hurt president obama, and by the way, i saw some of the clips of people storming these town hall meetings. the last time i saw well dressed people doing this was when al gore asked me to go down to florida when they were recounting the ballots and i was confronted with the same type of people. they were there screaming and yelling "back to california" and get out of here and the rest of it. >> a man at the rally wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip. the associated press reports a dozen people at the event were visible carrying firearms. the reason we're talking about this, a lot of this is because people feel, yes, there are second amendment rights, for sure, but also there are
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questions about whether this has racial overtones. here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waist. glenn: i don't even know how to respond to that. this man is our president. i can disagree with him vehemently, but who in their right mind thinks it is good, except lunatics, and who thinks it is ok to ask, just on these clips, do they think that a good portion of the american people believe that? that a good portion of the american people are the enemy?
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that they are in such danger from a good portion of the american people that we need a civilian national security force as well fund funded and as well trained as the military? you know, the people who are on the other side of the argument, the part that you fail to understand it, they believe in the constitution, but nowhere in the constitution is that kind of insanity embraceed. is that, mr. president -- you must answer this question -- is that who you think the enemy is? i hope to god not. i hope that it's just the media that once again has it so completely upside-down, because these people live on park avenue and haven't met an actual person in i don't know
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how long. so who is the real enemy? well, there's a few stories that i have to tell you about, and it's amazing. this book i wrote, and i started writing this in december. it has been number one for the last ten weeks, the best selling book of any category for the last ten weeks in america. one of the last chapters is the enemy within. i wrote it months ago. it doesn't take a genius to figure out who the enemies really are. let me give you this quote. "it is not just the political class who has mastered the art of deception. there are other potentially deadly masters who will seek to exploit your frustration and your sense of desperation. many will warn you of government tyranny. they will talk of secret societies, vast con spirs siz, shadow governments and the
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need for violent action. i urge you to stay away from these individuals and these ideas." all this week, i have showed you the radicals in this administration. there is no -- i don't have to call them czars. i can call them revoluntionaries and radicals, but now let me show you an even greater danger. the radicals outside of the political system who want nothing more and nothing less than the destruction of both political parties. they want nothing more and want nothing less than anarchy. these are not people who believe in the constitution. foolishly, people are rig norring or he they can't see it or at worst, which i think the media and the political chas, they are using these people. first, i can't even he show it to you on t.v. anymore.
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there was the joker poster creator. the right tried to take advantage of this and wad added the word "socialist" under it. the supporter of the poster was a kiss kucinich supporter who doesn't like obama because he isn't left enough. and now let's show you what they show. we just saw. this oh, my goodness, pull up. he is an african-american. he wasn't even white! then theres was this story. in denver, maurice joseph swankeller -- did you hear about this yesterday -- also with an at large accomplice, smashed the windows at at a democratic party headquarters in denver. first the democrats, it's the enemies on the other side! both sides accused swankeller of supporting the other. you know who this guy is?
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he think! he is a transgender anarchist who belongs to the radical anarchist protest group "denver bash back. oy "while the radicals in the white house may not be connected to the radicals just mentioned they are connected by the fact they are radicals. remember obama's advisor van jones created storm who believes that revoluntionaries need to be militant in street actions, as leaders in the fight for liberation, we should be role models of fearlessness before the state and the oppressor." these are the sort of tactics some of obama's czars know best, so when we have a president creating a national civilian security force as strong as the military, a president who wants a fundamental transformation in america, many of the people surrounding our president believe that america has been the oppressor on this planet. then we have far left radicals in the white house, an jones
2:18 am
is not alone who describes his own job as this -- >> actually, my job is not dissimilar than what my job was before. what i do, to make it simple, i'm basically a community organizer inside the federal family. glenn: and the media is setting you up. what else are we supposed to say? more in a second. ext if you had af a civilian
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president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america.
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glenn: this is the most important series of shows i have ever done. i encourage you to pass them around. we will have a full recap in my free newsletter, including today he's talk on obama he's national security force, his civilian security force o.t. talk about is army sergeant david belevia, director of warrior legacy foundation, author of "house to house." matthew spald something here, drek, director of the simon center for heritage studies at the heritage foundation. we were at break, and one of the camera operators said to me, so who is is this security force, and i said i'm not really sure, but it's going to
2:24 am
be under the guys of americorps, i believe, because that has just received half a trillion dollars in funding, correct? >> president obama from the campaign has talked about vastly expanding americorps, made up of these little core cores -- little corpses doing all sorts of things. the key to understand is why does the left need this? the left has always argued for this. william james wrote an article in 1906 calling for the moral equivalent of war. this is part of trance transforming america. they want to transform it from a decentralized civil society into a national community. they want to use the military fervor, the cohesiveness, the strength of the military and direct it towards new activist social justice outcomes. that's what the progressives have talked about for a long time. glenn: we're going to talk about some of the groups that will be folded in, but david,
2:25 am
let me go to you. who is the enemy that we need a national security force inside? can you come up with anybody? >> i really don't he know, glenn. you know what it comes down to, and i want to make this comparison. i'm not comparing my president to saddam hussein or to hitler or anything else. i want you to understand something from a military point of view. when saddam hussein lost confidence in his army in 1991, when they stopped following his orders, he created and resupported what was called a group that wasn't loyal to the country or the flag but loyal to the man who held the office. what we are seeing is complete disconnect from the warrior protection, and the military left. they never had a common denominator.
2:26 am
they never had a way to understand us, so you know what? we don't need you. if we have to enforce polling laws and want to keep polling intimidation down, we will send in our civilian core. if we want the census is done correctly, we'll bring in the civilian corps. if we want to take away the radical militias in south texas an bring these guys in, t. glenn: i'm phi finding this is the hardest part to connect to, because this is -- i mean, look, you know, david, what you just said is you said i'm not comparing but you are. i mean, this is what hitler did with the s.s. because he had his own people. he had the brown shirts and then the s.s. and this is what saturday dam hussein did. so you -- this is what saddam hussein did.
2:27 am
i think america would have a hard time getting their arms around that. >> glenn, when i was in iraq, i was surrounded by true mobs. i'm talking about people, hundreds of people that were around us, upset throwing rocks. glenn, in that group, huh to identify three individuals who were the instigators, the agitators and you took those guys out because you had a window of opportunity. once that window closed, glenn, it was critical mass. it was a powderkeg. if you allowed those people to instigate people, the rocks became grenades, the sticks became rifles. what i'm saying right now is that we are at a point that if we allow -- this crowd of people wouldn't have rose to arms without this group of people stirring the pot, moving the embers of violence. we're at a point right now where on both side of the aisle the radicals in this country need a push, and we are back into a situation that is going to be out of control, and this is not a joke.
2:28 am
glenn: i know. matthew, gosh, this is what i have been warning for a very long time. matthew, do you believe that when he says "i need a national security force as well funded and as well trained as the military," that that's what he truly means? that they are not sending out half a trillion dollars worth of paint drushes to paint people's -- paintbrushes to paint people's houses? >> everyone needs to be careful here. there is a military aspect to this but it is not military in the part we are talking about here. this is the government actually wanting to transform society and create a civilian corps with military aspects and how they're going to be dressed and how they talk to each other and communicate and show their allegiance. it is not going to be as militarist stick in the same sense of that, but the effect is more despotic than the one you suggested.
2:29 am
they're trying to change character in a fundamental way to have their allegiance to the state and a civil corps and the senior corps and the americorps, whatever it might be. glenn: first of all, i'm not suggesting anything. i'm asking questions. i don't know what this means. i will tell you that it sure leads down that road, and i'm begging the white house to rationally and reasonably say we don't believe in revoluntionaries. we didn't know these guys were revoluntionary communists that we hired. we don't support those kinds of things, and we see how americans can take it this way. this is what we mean by a national civilian security force. >> given what he has said and the care with which he usually speaks, he has left something out there that is extremely dangerous and in the current circumstances needs to be clarified. glenn: thank you both very
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i'm shepard smith. >> i don't want to bury this if i have made mistakes. do we have an answer on what i said and what the real number is yet? sorry, but numbers are -- i don't i don't even know what a big number is, if i said billion, trillion or half a trillion. i want to make sure i have the number right. we are collecting on it, not because anybody called us on it because we were questioning it ourselves in the middle of the break. we're talking about americorps today. i'm not sure what people think of americorps, but probably not much one way or the other t could be the add p mitted far left --ed at mitted far
2:35 am
left radicals in the white house that could be using it like storm and international answer. a communist group. seiu and others bringing them under the umbrella of americorps under the form of one massive community organization. i haven't heard any other explanations for a civilian force as well funded as the military, and until i do, america, we must continue to ask questions. joining me now is michelle malkin, author of "culture of corruption" and pat cadd-ell, former advisor to president carter. both are fox news contributors. pat, quickly, the anarchist that was arrested in denver, first the democrats came out and said it is the enemies of healthcare. that made the republicans say i demand an answer, because they found out that this guy had been taking money from the democratic party, and i hear seiu, but more importantly, and nobody got this right,
2:36 am
this guy isn't anarchist. he's using the democratic party and their money to overthrow all of it. true or always? false? >> i think that's largely true, glenn the fact is anarchist groups on the internet raised his $500,000 bail and it's quite extraordinary that such a young guy with his flannel shirt-clad brigade was able to raise that money so quickly, and the anarchist movement is something that i have followed since my days in seattle. it is quite worrisome. we hear so much from the mainstream media about the threat of right wing mobs and the right wing militias, but over the past several decades, these groups like the earth liberation front, and the animal liberation front, and by the way, maury swankeller, the accused vandal in denver attributed to the earth liberation front, which is dedicated not only to bringing
2:37 am
down capitalism, but also the military, and all fall under this anti-war rubric, which provides a continuum, because you see the connections between a young man and his friends like this to the bay area storm movement. whicemalked blts other day, glenn, which started out against roots against war. glenn: wait a minute. storm also was our green jobs czar, his group. there is a connection between storm and this person in denver? >> what i'm saying is that there is a continuum here, that all of these groups share common goals of bringing down the military and engaging in and you see these same phrases over and over again, in the book we talked about, in the propaganda on the internet about, quote, unquote, direct actions, and quote, unquote, black block activities. glenn: first of all, america, you have to understand, it is not right or left or right or
2:38 am
left or black and white. it is anarchists, people who don't like our government in any way shape or form on both sides, the extremes are the real danger here. pat, you are a liberal. you worked for carter. i said in 2004, i warned the democrats when they put michael moore in that box next to jimmy carter, i said you don't understand this guy is a radical socialist marxist, and he is -- he and people like him are using you, not the other way around. >> he has his own agenda, and one of, by the way, is not the truth, which is always the problem with michael moore. what you are saying is this -- most of the country doesn't know there are fringes on both sides. by the way, we don't have a continuum from left to right. we have a circle. when it meets at the back, it is totalitarianism. fascist and communism meets at the back. you have people who are a little crazy and what happens
2:39 am
is when you overheat the environment, when politics, when both parties are going after their bases and everything the other side does is evil, you intensify that and people onto extremes in the hothouse, who are susceptible to real yellow fever in a bad way, they become crazy. glenn: i want to show you video and we have so much more to talk about. when we come back, this is the point that everybody is missing -- the american people have detached from the political system. they don't like either side right now. >> where are
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2:42 am
glenn: tomorrow a very important show. tomorrow i am going to lay out a plan. do not miss it. back now with michelle malkin, author of "culture of corruption" and pat cad-dell, former senior advisor to president carter and a liberal democrat who is just as concerned, god bless you, my friend, as i am about the country. ok. michelle, well, let me start here. can we please play the tape of the black panthers in philadelphia that this administration has decided not to pursue? they were intimidating people. there. that's not intimidation. we're talking about an army now being built by our
2:43 am
president, a civilian national force. now, if that's not intimidating to, you know, as barack obama would say, to his grand mother who is, quote, typical white person who has the fear of a black man bread into them, i don't know what is. i'm just using his example. so we is have the black panthers. we also have louis farrakhan, please. play the video of louis farrakhan. >> you are the instrument that god is going to use to bring about universal change. that is why barack has captured you. when the messiah speaks, you will hear. glenn: ok, then one last thing. we have been looking for two weeks for connections on this.
2:44 am
he we can't find anything. they have sealed this story down as tight as a drum, but look how these guys are dressed. military. listen to what they're saying. remember this from the election? we all thought it was nuts. what is this? >> because of obama, i will take to the streets! >> stop. stop. i am not suggesting that the president of the united states or anybody in this government has anything to do with the black panthers, with louis farrakhan, or this group here, but this is a -- that was a very militant-looking group. the black panthers are very militant looking, and they are militant. pat, what is this? what is happening here? >> the justice departmtcute the. mr. holden decided not to. meanwhile, he wants to go
2:45 am
after the c.i.a., the people trying to protect us. i want to balance this thing as unbelievable. i don't know. when i saw it during the campaign, i didn't understand it, the civilian army. glenn: right, i'm like you. somebody please explain what that meant. >> then i see there is this bill in congress that says we will ask people to volunteer to serve for ten years in the government and then we will pay off their college loans. well, i was on the board of the u.s. military academy at west point. we paid everyone -- we took all their room, board, education and stipend for four years and you had to serve five back to your country. i don't know what ten years is, unless that's permanent. i want to know where this comes from. the problem is there is so much going on that you have talked about, these connections to people, and i keep saying, but people in my own party better pay attention, because i hope it's not the president. i think he is literally being sabotaged. there is somebody else driving
2:46 am
another bus here. glenn: control room, can i bump the next thing and can we stay here? my producers are like, what? michelle -- >> can i? glenn: yes, go ahead. >> can i just make a point, because i have a point of disagreement with both of you on the whole is if the is the right is bad and what is the connection to establishment parties. in fact, the case of the new black panthers illustrates my point that it is a linear relationship, a continuum and not a circle, because one of the new black panther thugs who got charges dropped was a man named jerry jackson, who was a democrat official in philadelphia, and it is a democrat party that needs to answer for its tolerance of these people within its own ranks, and just one other point is just about the continuum. we talked about the ruckus society. we talked about these storm and its offspring, one of
2:47 am
which is called the school of liberty and liberation. its main funder was the tides foundation. glenn, you have talked numerous times on your show about the tides foundation and the connection between tides an drum and acorn. there is a direct relationship between acorn and president obama. president obama's campaign paid $832,000 to an acorn group. the connections are fracture greater on the left between the democratic and these fringe groups than the right or left parties. glenn: here is the thing. please keep everyone on the screen. pat, you and i talked about this the other day. i think there is a new democratic party that the democrats around the country don't know yet. they don't know. they think, oh, know, it's just my democrat. no, i'm a not a socialist, radical or in with the black panthers. michelle, i believe you are right. there is a connection, just
2:48 am
like pat i said to you about michael moore. they got in, and they infected the system, and it is a democratic party as my grandfather was a democrat is over, it's over. it is being held down with a pillow and a gun to the pillow. am i wrong? >> i want to respond to what you said. first of all, i was talking about -- glenn: hold on. i'm being yelledext if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." and if you qualify get it for little or no money.
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glenn: we're back now with michelle malkin and pat caddell. americorps, their budget, they have been allocated $5 billion, your money from the u.s. treasury. the reason why i had the travel a trillion is that is close to the budget for the military for day-to-day
2:52 am
operations. that would be as well funded, half a trillion dollars. ok, pat, respond to what michelle just said. >> what i was talking about is in theory, people outside at the very ends come together in totalitarianism. by the way, there are whacko republicans, and we could get into naming them, but i am concerned in my own party right now that we seem to be infiltrated by forces, and it's all part of this we must win at all costs. the politicians, the thing that acorn drives me crazy, which is this a criminal -- before i knew who you were, i said this last year on t.v. that tis criminal organization designed to stop people and steal votes. moderate people in my party the republicans ought to raise this issue. with the things going on, these politicians take an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, not an oath to
2:53 am
protect the democratic and republican parties. that's what we're missing here. i'm concerned because i believe my party is being sabotaged. modern democrats better deal with what is happening to us. glenn: i think there is 70 or 80% of this country that they want no part of this. >> everyone thinks the politicians work for themselves. glenn: on both sides of the aisle, that's right. so, michelle, help me out here with seiu having a real seat at the table, this is the thug-oc. acy kind of idea. acorn, can you draw the connections between black panthers and seiu, or are these others just lamping on because they see -- latching on because they see what direction the country is headed? >> you know, there is both implicit and explicit coordination of this corruption, glenn, and
2:54 am
obviously you have laid out very well the twinning between seiu and acorn, the sharing of many of their top lieutenants, and of course, the seat at the table that both of those organizations have within the white house, and i talked about the money that the obama campaign gave to one of these front groups of acorn, citizens services, inc., which the s.e.c. just simply shrugged its shoulders at, and of course the problem of the left is that -- the problem for those of us who oppose the radical agenda is that not only do they have seiu and acorn and these explicit organizations but they have civic organizations and now with $6 billion in funding from the gibbs act, they have all that money. george soros has the social innovations fund that barack obama backs and then of course they have the government-run schools which are now going in there and using students to collect census information on
2:55 am
their behalf. glenn: michelle, thank you very much. pat, we will talk again. listen, america, i need you to grab anybody that knows that something is wrong, rep republican, democrat, this is not about the parties. this is about the constitution, and bringing to the table tomorrow, i want to give you a taste of tomorrow's program, actual solutions, things to actually do, because i ain't going to be a victim anymore. i ain't going to be a silent little sheep anymore. time to be shepherds, america. time to be shepherds, america. next.!
2:56 am
2:57 am
time to be shepherds, america. next.! to be a great dad is the most important job in a man's life, but it doesn't have to be hard. all it takes is a few minutes of your time.
2:58 am
because the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. glenn: this week i have been telling you ask questions. here are the questions from just today. we have more. you will find them on the website at i told you that we were going to talk about these things. we were going to talk about obama, the left, internationalists, gast, a acorn-style organizations, revolution and hidden agenda. oligrh -- one letter is missing. why did i select these words, because acorn selects tides. they all select their words first and tie them altogether into one word.
2:59 am
oligarh, the only letter missing is y. i don't know what we're turning into but unless you ask why, we're going to transform into something. ask questions, now, the second part of this, a few months ago, i told you you got to know you're not alone. you got to he know. you got to unite. talk to people make sure you're not alone through the 9/12 project. millions all involved across the country and the 9/12 project and other organizations like it. i knew we needed to connect with one another, and at the time, i didn't know what you were to do. well, i'm tired of being a sheep. i'm tired of being a victim. i'm tired of being pushed around. you know what? the gloves come off. tomorrow, ill

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